Security Officer Training

The standard of training for Security Officers in the UK can be very standardised form company to company and although acceptable within the Security Industry as the benchmark for training Security Officers, it is to a minimum standard only, some companies providing only 16 hours of training over a two-day period (BS 7499).

Our minimum Security Officers training course requires 32hours of basic training over a 4-day period and is an adaptation and extension of BS 7499.

Subjects covered are as follows -:

·        Company Induction  ·   Company Structure, History & Philosophies

·        The Roles and Responsibilities of a Security Officer ·    Basic Civil & Criminal Law

·        Report Writing  ·   Fire Precautions  ·     Emergency Procedures ·    Patrolling Techniques

·    Search Procedures   ·    Communication & Communicating     ·    Health & Safety

·        Customer Care      ·    The Clients Requirements  

On successful completion of the above course the Security Officer is presented with a Security Industry Training Organisation Certificate of Achievement: Basic Job Training: Static Guarding & Patrol Officers

Throughout the Security Officers employment with our company they will receive further “On the job” Training & Assessments. This includes Assignment familiarisation and Client induction training.

 NSGS are totally committed to providing their Clients with professional, dedicated & trained Security Officers and are members of  The Security Industry Training Organisation, SITO being The Government National Training Organisation responsible for all training within the British Security Industry. SITO being The Government National Training Organisation responsible for all training within the British Security Industry.

Training Courses

As Employers we are required to train our personnel to achieve higher levels and standards of competency, not only to comply with our legal obligations as employers but also to satisfy and assure our Clients that the personnel we employ on their assignments are trained over and above the standards set within our own industry.  

Our own instructors have also been trained to a high standard and all  have successfully achieved and passed Parts 1 & 2  NVQ 3 Trainers Course and are certificated by SITO.

Certain modules within the Courses we teach to our own employees are on subjects that we can offer to Clients in the training of their employees.

As qualified trainers we can offer the following Course Subjects and/ or Modules to Clients singularly or as a package. The Course/Module Subjects are as follows :-  

·        Health and Safety at Work     ·   Customer Care  ·   Basic English Law ·     Fire Safety

  · Radio Communications     ·  Emergency Procedures  ·    Report Writing

   ·  Communication  & Communicating  ·  Dealing with Aggression·  Drugs in the Work Place

·    Equal Opportunities  

These Courses / Modules can be delivered at the Clients premises or at our own designated training facility in Northampton  

These courses are also open to private individuals and to Companies who have their own "In House" Security Depts.

All of our Instructors have a minimum of  five years continuous employment as operational Security Officers. 

Their underpinning knowledge of the subjects they teach are very apparent in their delivery, they teach from their own experience and not just " ad-hoc" from a training manual. 

This in our opinion gives the inductee a far better insight into the subjects being taught , more importantly it gives the inductee a much better perspective into the roles and responsibilities of a Security Officer by being taught by a tutor who has actually worked as an operational Security Officer.

Client Induction Training

As qualified trainers we can further offer to Clients an individually designed Induction Course suited and tailored to their own Corporate Image and Philosophies which can be delivered to the Clients new inductees by our Instructors.

If you require a more practical  professional approach to your security training requirements delivered by trainers who are experienced working Security Officers who teach from experience not ad-hoc from a training manual then contact NSGS on-: